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 Skyfyre Swedish Vallhunds is a small kennel where our dogs are family and live side by side with us. We are dedicated to helping preserve this rare breed  and help grow future generations of healthy, balanced dogs.


Our Dogs

CH Biedelyn A Kind Of Magic

"Magic " was our first Vallhund and got us started on our journey to help preserve the Swedish Vallhund breed. She has produced outstanding puppies to carry on her genes. She is retired from breeding but continues to enrich our lives with her antics. So far she has produced 3 AKC Champions and 1 Grand Champion. 

AUS CH Icanhaz Eclipse For Skyfyre

Australian Conformation Champion  "Kharon" has joined our family to help diversify our lines.  He is a sweet cuddly teddy bear who adores  playing with toys. We can't wait to see what he produces. Currently he is  showing  in confrmation to get his AKC Championship. 

Skyfyre Mad Tea Party

"Mystra" is from our Disney Attraction Litter. She enjoys mothering everyone, dog and humans alike. 

Vallhollow Honolulu Lulu @ Skyfyre

"Lilo" is our Ninja Princess. She believes that she is the life of the party (She is) and that all must do as she wishes. She has recently begun showing in Conformation.  She and Kharon welcomed a litter of 6 girls. Red and Gray tailed puppies are available. 

CH Skyfyre Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy @ Icanhaz

"Pi" is the silliest little girl ever. She loves to make you laugh at her antics. She has great plans to travel the world.  She is an AKC Champion. 

Learn More About Swedish Vallhunds

Swedish Vallhund History

Swedish Vallhunds are an ancient breed from Sweden, well over 1000 years old. They are an original species, which means they did not come from another breed of dog. They are herding dogs, and their short stature helps them avoid being kicked by cattle. They are double coated to protect them from the elements.

Characteristics of Swedish Vallhunds

The Swedish Vallhund has a "can do" attitude. They are intelligent and do best if they have a job to keep them busy. They need regular exercise and are happiest when with their families. They can be velcro dogs. As they are herding dogs they communicate with barks. They have an "argle bargle" noise that they make as well.

Physical Traits

Swedish Vallhunds should be red or gray according to the breed standard. 

Tails can be natural bob (no tail) stub, sickle or spitz tailed (curled). 

Weight: 22 to 35 lbs

Height: 11.5 to 13.5 at shoulder

Life Span: 12-15 years


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